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Preference #12: He cheats on you, PART 2! 

Liam: You woke up on the couch in Eleanor’s flat for the 3rd day in a row now. It was 11 a.m and Eleanor already left for work at 10:00 a.m. You went looked down at your clothes disgusted because it’s your 3rd day in a row wearing these. You realized it was time to go back to your flat and pack your stuff, so you could wear more than one pair of clothes. You were to lazy to get in the shower so you just put your hair in a messy bun and got in your car. When you got there you walked up to the door and pulled out your key. You slowly opened the door to find Liam sitting on the couch, his eyes all bloodshot and hair messy. He looks awful, like he hasn’t gone anywhere since you left. He turned towards you and his eyes lit up. “(Y/N)!” he smiled brightly and walked over to you. ” Liam, i’m just getting my clothes” You said awkwardly and walked into the bedroom. As soon as you got in there you burst into tears, flashbacks coming back of what you saw 3 days before. ” Babe, don’t cry please ,i screwed up, i know.. Please dont leave me (Y/N).. please.” He begged. You wanted to take him back so bad, but you just couldn’t , not after what he did..So you just ignored him. ” Please don’t ignore me, please, i’m begging you , i’ll be nothing without you” He started to tear up. You paused and squeezed your eyes shut, and started tearing up also. You turned to Liam and you both just stared at each other for a few minutes, both crying your eyes out.” Please forgive me..” He begged. You knew he was truly sorry and you didn’t want to leave him, so you nodded. He held his arms out and you both hugged for 3 minutes straight.

 Harry: You didn’t even make it off your property to your car and Harry was already chasing you. ” (Y/N) please wait, let me explain!” He screamed after you. ” There’s not much to explain, i just walked in on you making out with your ex girlfriend!” You screamed back , tears filling your eyes. ” (Y/N) i was upset, and messed up. I thought we were done so i didn’t know what to do, i wanted to get my mind off you because i thought you were never coming back” He cried. ” Well you were wrong, cause i was coming back, but look who fucked that up!” You screamed. ” I know , i’m a fuck up.. I fuck everyone up and nothing ever works out for me..” He screamed and sat down in the grass with his face in his hands. You put your lip , you hated seeing Harry like this. You sat down next to him, facing forward. ” Please don’t leave me (Y/N)” he whispered. ” You’re the only thing i have” He cried. ” Promise you’ll never do this again” You asked quietly. ” I promise, never ever..” He whispered and looked over to you. ” I forgive you” you smiled slightly and said to him. A huge smiled appeared on his face and he kissed you passionately.

Niall: " (Y/N) , (Y,N)!" you heard behind you put you didnt want to look back, you just kept on running. Suddenly the voice calling your name grew closer and finally someone grabbed your wrist, and you had a feeling you knew exactly who it was. You turned around to find Niall behind you his eyes all red and tears in his eyes. " I’m sorry, i fucked up.. i don’t know what i was thinking, i guess i thought it was okay ,But the second i saw tears filling your eyes and how hurt you looked i regretted it right away…" He drifted off. " That still gives you no right to cheat on me" You cried refusing to look him in the eyes. " I know it doesn’t , i’m an asshole (Y/N). But without you i have nothing, and i don’t know why i did that , it was a mistake, i love you so much" He cried. " You don’t love me, don’t lie" You spat at him. " If i didn’t love you why would i have this" He pulled a small blue velvet box from his pocket and opened it, sitting inside was a HUGE diamond ring. " So you were just going to fuck this girl, then propose to me? You’re fucking sick." You screamed. " No! She came over to my house, i swear i wasn’t planning her to be here." He explained. " (Y/N) I promise i’ll never do anything like that again, i love you and i don’t want to lose you, Marry me?" He said quietly while dropping to one knee. You nodded knowing he was truly sorry. A huge smile appeared on his face as he slid the ring on your finger.

Louis: You took a long time to get home because you were so upset and you were trying to be careful on the road. By the time you got home there was a familiar looking car in the driveway, right away you knew it was Lou’s. You pulled into the driveway and got out of the car, Louis was waiting for you on your front porch with his face in his hands. You cleared your throat to let Louis know you were there and when he looked up his face was all red and puffy, like he’d been crying for a while. ” What do you want?” You sighed. ” (Y/N), she came on to me, i swear , she came up to me innocently and asked for a picture, then she randomly started making out with me , i pushed her off me as soon as i could but it was to late and you already saw..” He said to you. ” And how do you expect me to believe that?” You snapped at him. ” Well you’re just going to have to trust me.. because you know i love you and i would never try and hurt you like that..” He sighed. You realized he was right , Louis would never try and hurt you. ” Fine” you said while sitting down next to him. ” I trust you” You added. He smiled and kissed your lips softly.

Zayn: You just sat there in tears for a while , the place was deserted because the concert ended a while ago, you didn’t know what else to do other then cry and sit there. Suddenly you felt a tap on your shoulder, you looked up and there was Zayn, just standing there with tears running down his face. ” I fucked up” He cried and sat down next to you. ” Yeah you did fuck up, what was that even about?” You snapped. ” I don’t know , i’m such an idiot, i just lost the love of my life and all because i was a stupid ass and hooked up with another girl” He sighed. ” Hey who says you lost her?” You said awkwardly looking at the ground. ” I’m right here” you added. ” I know.. (Y/N) please forgive me, i’m an idiot and i love you so much it hurts, i promise i will never ever do anything like that ever again, because i dont want to risk losing you” He ranted. ” I forgive you , as long as you’ll never do it again..” You said. ” I promise i wont ever” He smiled and kissed your lips softly

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