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Preference #11: He cheats on you. 

Liam: You were out all day shopping with your best friend Eleanor Calder but you decided to come home early so you and El can watch a movie. ” It stinks Danielle couldn’t come ,i’m sure she would’ve had a blast with us” You said to Eleanor as you pulled into your driveway of the flat you and Liam shared. ” I know right!” Eleanor agreed. Liam and Danielle used to date but you were with him now and she was okay with it. You, Eleanor, and Danielle were all best friends and you hung out pretty much everyday. You got your keys out and opened the door to hear a thumping in the bedroom you and Liam shared. You closed the door quietly and looked at Eleanor, she was also looking at you with a confused face. You both tip toed over to your room and opened the door quietly to find Danielle naked on top of Liam. ” Oh.. my..god..” Eleanor said in a whisper. Danielle and Liam automatically looked up. ” Shit (Y/N , you’re early, fuck” Liam mumbled while pushing Danielle off of him. Tears filled your eyes , you couldn’t believe what you just saw.. Your best friend and the love of your life having sex in your bedroom. ” (Y/N) wait, come back. I fucked up , please dont go! ” Liam begged , starting to tear up. ” (Y/N) I’m so sorry i just-” Danielle started to say. ” Save it” You interrupted her. ” El?” Danielle looked at her innocently trying to have a moment to speak. ” Dont even Danielle..” Eleanor gave her a disgusted look. ” Come on you can stay at my house ” Eleanor whispered to you as you both walked out the door of your flat.

Harry:   You woke up yawning at 5:00 p.m , you decided to talk a nap and got a good 3 hours of sleep. You were staying at Danielle’s flat because you and Harry got into a huge fight the day before and you couldn’t even look at him, and decided to just take a night away from him. When you woke up you felt really good about yourself and decided to go home and talk to Harry because you really wanted to make things work. You said bye to Danielle and got into your car and drove to your flat you shared with Harry. Dani’s house is only about 10 minutes away so it was a quick ride and to your surprise there was a car you didn’t recognize in your driveway. You just figured that it was one of the boys in a new car and you took your key out from your purse. You opened the door and was horrified from what you saw. Caroline Flack was in her bra and underwear , while harry was shirtless on top of her kissing on the couch. ” What the fuck?!” You screamed. Harry looked up at you and his face went blank. He threw Caroline off him and stood up right away pulling his shirt on. ” (Y/n) it’s not what it looks like i swear!” He screamed. ” Really Harry , then what the fuck is it?” You screamed as tears filled your eyes. ” I just- I thought we were done after that fight and I needed to be cheered up” He shrugged. ” Harry it was a fight, it happens! Everyone gets into fights sometimes and i was actually coming back to talk it out with you , and see if we can make things work, but i guess thats not going to happen now..” You said quietly and walked out the door.

Niall: Niall just got home from tour and you were supposed to come pick him up at 7 p.m from his flat but you decided to surprise him and go early just to hangout. You excitedly walked up to his flat and rung the doorbell. About a minute later a really tanned blonde girl opened the door in her bra and underwear. ” What do you want?” She said rudely, putting her hand on her hip. ” Babe who’s at the doo-” Niall started to say until he saw you standing there. Tears filled your eyes and you didn’t know what to do. Tears started streaming down your face and you just started to shake your head and walk backwards , then you turned and ran off his property and onto the street, and you just kept running.

Louis: You were supposed to meet Louis at the park at 6 p.m but you were running a little late and came around 6:20ish, when you walked into the park you looked around for Louis and spotted him on a bench, but he wasn’t alone.. He was sucking face with some girl you didn’t recognize. You started tearing up and walked over to them. ” Hey Louis , seems like your having a good time, so i’m gonna go” You forced a smile and ripped the necklace off your neck that he got you for your 1 year anniversary and threw it at him. You immediately turned around and walked off. “( Y/N), (Y/N)!” Louis called after you but you didn’t wanna hear his lame excuse so you put your headphones in , got in your car , and drove home in tears.

Zayn: You were at a One Direction concert in the front row watching your boyfriend Zayn perform, the whole concert he didnt make eye contact with you once so you just figured he was trying to pay attention to the fans. After the show ended you made your way backstage and walked into Zayn’s dressing room to find him and a girl sitting there making out. ” What..” You trailed off. Zayn turned to you and stood up immediately. ” Shit, (Y/N) it’s not what it looks like i swear, she came on to me!” He explained. ” Yeah okay, whatever Zayn” You spat at him. You were to angry to cry. ” Never fucking speak to me again” You screamed and ran out of the dressing room, once you got out of the arena you fell to the ground and broke down in tears.

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