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Preference #7: Your ex physically hurts you 

Liam: You were home alone at your flat that you lived in with Liam while he was out grocery shopping when you heard a rapid knocking at the door. ” I’m coming, chill out” you screamed while getting up from the couch. You opened the door to find your ex standing there angrily. ” Oh you, what the hell do you want Mike?” you asked him rolling your eyes. ” You think you can just replace me you little bitch” he screamed. ” Well yeah I think I can, you don’t own me and I love Liam so..” You trailed off. ” You did not just say the L word..” He screamed angrily and before you could answer his fist connected with your cheek automatically making you fall to the ground. You screamed, on the floor while your ex kept kicking you violently. ” What the fuck are you doing?!” You heard a voice scream, you turned your head a little and felt massive pain but you did see Liam standing there angrily. ” Stay away from my girlfriend and piece of shit!” Liam screamed and punched Mike straight in the face, making him fall to the ground. Liam knelt down and kept punching him repeatedly, until Mike squirmed out and ran off. ” Love, are you okay?” He asked while running over to you holding you in his arms. ” Yeah , just gonna be a big bruise , i’ll be fine though, thanks for saving me Liam” you smiled.

Harry: You knocked on Harry’s door and he answered pulling you into a tight hug. ” Hey babe!” he smiled and closed the door after you walked in. ” I’m just making dinner, it’s almost done!” He added. You smiled “Sounds good” you smiled and sat down on the couch. ” You know were inside, you can take off your sunglasses” Harry chuckled and sat next to you on the couch. “Uhh no i think i’ll keep them on” you said shyly. ” Babe? are you okay is something wrong?” He asked nervously. ” No Harry i’m fine” you forced a smile. Harry reached over to your eyes and yanked the glasses off your head revealing a huge black eye. ” babe?!” He screamed and stood up. ” What the hell happened to you?” he added. ” Nothing Harry, i just fell” You said shyly , while looking at the ground. ” No you didn’t it was Josh wasn’t it?” He paced the floor furiously. ” Ugh i knew he was abusive towards you, when did he do this, i’m going to kick his fucking ass” Harry said angrily.

Niall: You were at a club with Niall having an amazing time just hanging out and dancing lie crazy. ” Babe i’m gonna go get us drinks, okay?” He smiled and kissed our cheek as you nodded. You were dancing alone to the music when suddenly a familiar face walked up to you and started to grind against you. ” Steve get away from me” you pushed him away and rolled your eyes. ” Oh come on baby, you know you still want this” he winked and tried to hold your hands. ” Steve seriously fuck off i’m not interested” you crossed your arms. ” Oh so you wanna play like that babe? He said angrily and pushed you , making you fall to the floor. ” Hey!” Niall screamed dropping the drinks in his hands. ” Don’t touch my girlfriend you son of a bitch!” Niall screamed while punching Steve straight in the face, making him fall to the ground. He walked over to you and helped you up , kissing you softly. ” Let’s get out of here babe” Niall grabbed your hand and led you out of the club.

Louis:  You were walking with Louis in the park when suddenly your ex boyfriend Tom came running up towards both of you. ” Hey (Y/N) how does like suck without me?” He grinned while crossing his arms. ” Honestly, life is great since you have left , I met the love of my life Louis and i’m happy as can be. ” Louis? You mean this queer?” He laughed while pointing to Louis. ” Yep i’m the “queer” boyfriend” Louis said with sas. ” Seriously just fuck off Tom, i don’t want anything to do with you” You rolled your eyes and pushed him away. ” Oh you are going to be begging you didn’t do that!” Tom screamed and pushed you to the ground. ” Hey!” Louis screamed. ” You don’t hit girls , especially my girl you bastard” Louis growled and puched him right in the nose,breaking it instantly. ” What the fuck you little douche” Tom screamed holding his nose. ” Next time don’t mess with my girlfriend, stay the fuck away!” Louis screamed while helping you up and walking off.

Zayn: You were casually walking around the carnival with Zayn when a girl about your age ran up to both of you and begged for a picture. Obviously you agreed and she ran over to her boyfriend and asked to take the picture for her. You recognized the face right away of her boyfriend, it was your ex Phil. ” I am not taking a picture of that hoe , don’t even try” He spat at his girlfriend talking about you. ” I’m not a hoe , fuck off Phil” you rolled your eyes and glared at him. ” “I’m guessing you two know eachother” Zayn said awkwardly. ” Yeah we do pretty boy, i used to date this slut, but i got rid of her just because she is nasty.” He snarled. ” Actually i broke up with you genius..” You trailed off and rolled your eyes. ” That’s it , you skank” Phil screamed while walking over to you and punching you in the arm. ” Ow!” You screamed. ” What fuck was that” Zayn screamed then punching Phil right in the eye. ” Never touch my baby ever again you twat” Zayn narrowed his eyes, grabbed your hand and walked away.

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