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Preference #4: You hit him in the balls by accident. 

Harry: You were cuddled up to Harry in bed trying to sleep at 3 a.m in the morning, you kept moving around trying to find a position to get comfortable and i guess that woke Harry up, ” Babe, are you alright?” he asked with a sleepy voice. ” Um yeah i’m just trying to get in a comfortable position you said while squirming around the bed. “Alright but find one soon you’re keeping me u- fuck” He screamed while closing his eyes and curling up into a ball. “Shit Harry what happened are you okay?” You asked nervously. ” You.. Kicked..Me..In…The…Balls” He said quietly. ” Oh shoot, i’m sorry babe” You chuckled a bit. ” Just go to sleep (Y/N)” He said then giving you a quick kiss on the lips.

Liam: ”Come on in the water babe, it’s so nice!” Liam smiled and called over to you. ” No! I dont wanna get wet right now!” You screamed back. You were tanning on the pool side and you were perfectly relaxed. ” Fine i guess i’m going to come and get you then!” He smiled. ” Wait wha-” and before you could finish your sentence, Liam had you in his arms ready to throw you in the pool. ” No Liam!!” You screamed while squirming around in his arms trying to make him put you down. “Put me down!” You screamed squirming even more. ” shit!” He screamed and put you down on the ground softly, he cupped his balls in his bathing suit and closed him eyes tightly. ” Shoot.. did i kick you in the balls?” You asked innocently. ” Yeah you did babe, it’s fine” Liam said trying to not show pain.

Louis: " I’m gonna get you back for that Tommo!" You screamed after he playfully hit you then ran away, you caught up to him and tackled him to the ground."You’ll never win this (Y/N)!" Louis laughed and wrestled you back. " Give up now Boobear" You narrowed your eyes at him and smiled."Never!" he screamed and pinned you to the ground. You weren’t gonna give up , so you tried to squirm out of his grip and kicked your feet everywhere. " Ow!" Louis screamed and rolled off you into fetal position. You figured since he was cupping his balls that you accidentally kicked them, you burst into laughter and pointed at him " Look who’s the loser now Tommo!" 

Niall: " Princess what’s wrong?" Niall asked innocently while you sat on the couch crossing your arms. You were giving him the silent treatment because he wasn’t spending alot of time with you since he’s been on break for 2 weeks. " Look like were gonna have to cheer my (Y/N) up" He smiled and started tickling you everywhere. You were an extremely ticklish person so you couldn’t help yourself and you burst into laughter, trying to squirm away from him and in the process you managed to kick him the the balls and you gasped. He looked blankly at you, " What?" he asked. I just kicked you in the balls and you didn’t even flinch.." You drifted off. " My balls are way to tough for a kick from a girl" He smiled and winked. " Wanna bet?" You smiled and kicked him in the balls again. " Shit!" He screamed , " you win you win!" He added, and all you could do was laugh.

Zayn: You and Zayn were in the middle of an intesne makeout session on the couch and it was getting hotter. You were on top of him trying to find a good position when suddenly a squeal came from his mouth. You sat up and look confused at him and he pointed to his balls. ” You.. kneed…” he said weakly. ” Oh my gosh Zayn i’m so sorry , are you okay? ” You asked nervously. ” Yeah i’m fine, nothing is going to stop our make out session” He smiled and winked.

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